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Train Hard. Race Hard.

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About Us

Racelab VI is a team of enthusiastic racers just like you. We take pride in our positive team atmosphere, and use unique methods of driver, and personal development which have led to great success thus far. We use race karts as our means to make our clients smile, and improve themselves not only as racers, but as citizens.

We believe that having the best people is more important than having the best equipment, engines, and facilities (even though we have all of those, too!). Racelab presents a perfect balance of competitiveness, tenacity, hard work, sportsmanship, and amiability. We are known for our polite, professional manner in the pits, and our hard-and-clean racing on-track.

Choosing Racelab VI is much more than picking a new kart supplier–It’s joining a new and quickly growing community. Each new member of our team is pleasantly surprised at the family-like, mature approach that we take to what can be a very cutthroat sport.

The growth mentality that has been adopted by the entirety of the Racelab VI team will push us to strive and grow in the ever-changing karting industry. We will stop at nothing to be on top in all respects.

Workout Facility

Our Karts

Our Methods

What We Do

Royalty Free Images - Vika Race Jan 14th - LightEmUpTV (2).jpg
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Track Side Support

If you’re looking to improve your karting life, you’ve come to the right place. Racelab VI is known for providing a fun, enjoyable experience, and achieving great results in the process. Options are available to be supported at a local track for race weekends/events, be a part of our internationally traveling race team.


Racelab VI offers everything you need to get you going and keep you going on and off the track. 

Race Team

Racelab VI is proud to offer high level training for up-and-comers, gentleman drivers, and anyone who wants to get around the racetrack faster. Our group of instructors and coaches offer many years of karting knowledge, and have proven time and time again to produce results in all different types of drivers


At Racelab VI we are very proud and excited to offer our customers both Villeneuve Racing Karts (JV Karts) and TB Karts. 


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